Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday:  Took a tour of Wellington sights.  Rode a cable car part way up to Victoria Mountain and the bus for the last part.  Could see all of the city and while up there found a monument that had lines to stand on that pointed to the South Pole and the North.  We stayed in the city and had lunch and shopped for a few hours.  Ray went to the Te Papa museum and saw a giant squid. I found cookie cutters in the shape of New Zealand and a kiwi, their national bird.  After dinner we went to see a magic show.  He was great and told good jokes.

Thursday:  Took a morning tour to Kidnapper's Cove and the Gannet colony.  It was very scenic, lots of hills, very steep roads, sheep everywhere.  On the point there were thousands of Gannets who were nesting there.  They have their young and when they can fly, they leave for the Great Barrier Reef off Australia and fly non stop.  They live there for 2 years and come back to the same area to have their young.  Left port early and had a relaxing afternoon.  Went to see the magician show us some of his tricks.  Signed up to do a walk for cancer on Saturday.  Ray is walking for his mom and I'm walking for Jennie, my aunt. Formal dinner tonight.

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