Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday & Monday

Yesterday we shopped at the market outside our hotel after breakfast.  We got a taxi to the Volendam around noon.  After the boarding was over, we had lunch and found our room.  Ray took a tour of the ship and I looked around, too.  We had a welcome party at 5pm and sailed at 6:30pm.  Watched Sydney sights and then got dressed for dinner at 8pm.  Afterward we saw a live show and bummed around for awhile.  I was feeling a bit rocky because it was choppy for a bit.  Okay this morning.  We've been at sea today.  Lots of food. Invited to the captain's brunch at 11am, held for anyone who has sailed with Holland  America before.  Had dinner at the Pinnacle Restaurant (finer dining) because it is Valentine's Day.  After dinner, we did a pub quiz in the Crow's Nest and then saw the show again.  In between we met the captain and crew. Champagne three times today and more food than we should eat in a week.  Back to Melbourne tomorrow to pick up more passengers and we are going to do another tour.


  1. Now ya knows that Mac and them will say "my dear I know you're not fat". Lol Having a great time as far as I understand you enjoy my dear,hope to see you someday soon,Leanne as acquired a job with the Mine in Ming's Bight so I will be home here all summer,no going to Labrador,Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Valentines Day! Sounds delightful!