Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday

We spent Wednesday waiting out the cyclone. The hotel was locked down at 2pm and we received several updates about the precautions that we had to take. After dinner we had to go to our rooms for the night, although they let us out for awhile to go to first floor for drinks and snacks and watch a movie "Forest Gump". Our doors had to be locked, the patio doors had to be locked and drapes pulled. We had to fill our bathtub with water?? Hotel was on a generator after 8pm so we had no A/C/. We heard the howling wind start about 11pm and went to sleep shortly after. Couldn't see much because it was dark outside. This morning we found that the storm wasn't as bad as they expected and there was no loss of life. Lots of trees down around the hotel. We just came into town to use the internet. (that was out at the hotel) Lots of trees and branches down here too. Trying to get a flight out or if we can't we are here until Saturday at the earliest. We were supposed to leave today.

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  1. Hey ur living it all down there on this trip. Watch that pond to the north that used to be Brisbane and area. Dear say u got a bit of a pond around u now after that rain storm. Talk about a mid summer breeze. This one takes the cake. U must have clear sailing after this; not much left to throw about down there except a riot or revolution. Take care Ed & Beulah.