Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday & Saturday

Friday:  Tauranga, took tour to Agrodome, a show with 14 kinds of sheep, a cow, lambs, ducks, and sheep dogs.  Ray got picked to go on stage and milk a cow.  Then on to Rotorua to visit a Maori village.  Enjoyed a meal that was cooked in the ground.  They gave us the Maori greeting where they touch noses twice. Once to honor the people that have died and once to greet the person in the present.  We then went to a bird conservatory to see lots of birds and finally saw the kiwi, the national bird.  The last stop of the day was Hell's Gate where there were hot springs and lots of sulfer smell. Our friends we've met from Perth, Kevin and Diane had their 50th anniversary today. I arranged with the front desk to have balloons on their door and for them to have a cake at their dinner.  They had a great day and so did we with them.  After dinner we spent a lot of time with our friends, Michael, Kevin's brother and Susan from Calgary, & Brenda from Montana.
Saturday: Packing day today.  Got up early to see the |White Island volcano.  |Don't worry, it's inactive! Then back to bed until we had breakfast in our room at 8am.  Saw show  in the morning where the crew said goodbye.  \|Walked in the afternoon for breast cancer.  5kms or 10 laps around the 3rd deck.  We received t-shirts and wrist bands from the ship.  Very tired but glad we did it.  Dinner was the Chef's Master dinner and they all danced as they served us.  Great fun.  Saw the last show, magic, comedy and singing.  Spent time with friends we've met on the ship.  Lots of hugs and tears!

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