Saturday, February 12, 2011


We watched the vendors set up stalls outside our hotel while we were having breakfast. Called Clayton and Bax and had a chat, couldn't reach mom. Then took a free shuttle downtown to do our laundry. Walked around while it was washing and saw two streets that were close, one was Mary and the other was Foster. We thought that they met but they didn't. Got a picture, anyway. (My mom's maiden name was Mary Foster)On our way back we watched Psycho Sam, a street performer. He did a lot of crazy things, including swallowing an inflated 3 foot long balloon. Spent the afternoon shopping at the outside market and meeting lots of interesting people on the patio of our hotel. Out for dinner and spending our last night in Austalia. Almost 5 weeks here. Things are a little different here. North is warmer than South, this is Summer, Burger King is Hungry Jacks, Woolworths is a supermarket chain, and there's not a Walmart in sight.

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  1. that's a good thing that there's no Walmart! who needs it!
    I want to see Sydney one day