Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday:  We docked at Port Chalmers and took the shuttle to Dunedin.  Shopped at the markets in the certre of the city called the Octagon.  Met Jennifer and Bill who are friends of Dinie and Matthew and had a lovely lunch.  Afterwards, Jennifer's dad, Jim drove us all over the Otago Peninsula and up to the Albatross Colony.  We saw thousands of sheep and the beautiful hills of the Southern Alps.  Took in a show,  lady singer from Cairns.  Great!
Monday:  We docked at Littleton and took a train through Christchurch and up to the higher mountains of the Alps to Arthur's Pass.  The views were breath taking.  Had tea and scones on the train.  Came back by coach and stopped at the little town of Springfield and had a great lunch in the community centre.  Then down to Christchurch for a look at the city.  In the city square we shopped and took lots of pictures of the lovely buildings.  On the way back to the ship, our tour guide took us to the areas that had damage from the earthquake this past September.  After dinner we enjoyed a show put on by the Phillipino crew members.
Tuesday:  Took the day off from touring.  Went into town of Picton.  It was raining, but most of the stores had awnings so it was no problem.  Went to a Maori museum.  Went shopping and after only an hour we heard about the earthquake in Christchurch.  Many of the buildings we saw yesterday are rubble today and everyone was crowding into any store that had a tv.  It was very sobering to see the devastation and to know that there are people who died.  A quiet evening on the ship, mostly sitting around talking to our friends.


  1. That's so tragic.
    You've really experienced the gamut on this trip.
    I'm glad you both are safe.
    I feel bad for the people who didn't make it through in Christchurch. Very sad

  2. Floods,hurricanes,earthquakes - U sure u supposed to b there. Better get out while u can. Watch out for blizzards in January/February in mid summer.Take care
    Ed & Beulah