Sunday, February 6, 2011


We left early for the Australian Zoo. Steve Irwin's Zoo. Saw alligators, then fed the elephants, then saw a live show of snakes, birds, crocodiles. Saw the exhibits of koalas, emus, cassawaries, wombats, tasmanian devils, echidnas, kangaroos-including a joey(baby),snakes,more crocodiles. Also camels, alpacas and sheep. Lots of trash turkeys and dragon lizards wandering around. Joke about the trash turkeys: If you want to cook one, you put it in a pot with 4 rocks. Cook until rocks are soft and throw out the turkey and eat the rocks. While we were there it was 32C and humid, plus we had 5 heavy downpours of rain. On the way we saw the glass house mountains. On our way home we stopped at a fruit stand for a snack. After a rest we went downtown for dinner.

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  1. Lots of animals to see Eh? seems you're having a super holiday,continue to enjoy,we will need a long coffee break when you get back. LOL