Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Picked up at 4:55am for a drive to Uluru for the sunrise. It was beautiful. Then we stopped at the Olgas, 36 rock formations, about 30 kilometres from Uluru. Back at the hotel in Ayers Rock Resorts for lunch. Left at 1 pm for the 5 hour ride back to Alice Springs. We stopped on the way back at a large cattle station. On the ride today we saw at least 100 wild camels. They were brought here in the mid 1800's to move good around in the deserts and were left and there are more camels here than anywhere else in the world. Now they are selling them to other countries. Also eating them, although we haven't seen it on a menu yet. Lots of emus today as well and one kangaroo.

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  1. oh man, you need to get some photos up! did someone help you out on that?

    Will you try Camel if it's on the menu? kinda have to, don't you. So different!
    love di