Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium.  Saw lots of King Penguins, Sharks and Stingrays.  After lunch we returned to the market to shop.  Dinner was Chinese, a great restaurant in ChinaTown.  Meeting lots of interesting people, from many different countries.  Also, the Australians are so friendly.  Can't do enough for us, giving directions, telling us places to go, etc.  Today we met a couple at a cafe and they gave us a couple of pints of strawberries at the market. Also met a couple on the bus who gave us their number in case we do make it to Brisbane.  They want to show us some sights outside of the city.  Brisbane is cleaning up after the flood and we may have to change our plans for that area.  Will know later if we change from train to plane.

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