Thursday, January 27, 2011


Marie has done daily blog, but I'm giving her a rest today. OZ is amazing & awesome. Temp between 23 and 47C in mid afternoon. Worn shorts& sandalssince arriving, but no sunburn. Tilley hat works well to keep sun off. Flies by the 1000's are a nuisance. Bought a net to put over hat & head to keep out of eyes, nose & mouth.Seeing animals galore - lots of sheep, cattle on 1,000,000 acre stations. Saw 100's of wild camels crossing road in front of bus. Woke up with fantastic male peracock o?s our motel balcony. Food/meals much same as home, but 2-3 times cost. Rooms are very nice, but only 2 so far with tub for Marie.Saw ULURU at sunset & sunrise - got up at 4:30am. Saw Venus & Southern Cross in night sky.Clear nights; not many clouds. Ozzies very friendly; meeting people from around globe - all friendly.
Todat, toured Alice Springs. Saw Aboriginal Museum, Royal Flying Doctors Services of Australia, Alice Springs School of the Air (they provide schooling for kids over 50 km away and teach them on computer). Saw first Telegraph Station that connected OZ to rest of World. Last, saw Alice from top of ANZAC hill, a war memorial to all th wars. Had dinner tonight with couple from tour, from Thompson, alberta. A full day. Well, G'day. That's my report

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  1. and G'day to you!
    I can't believe how much you are packing into a day!
    and can't believe it gets THAT hot. wow!!
    love di