Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ray was up early and went out for coffee.  I slept in a bit.  Went up the hill to Sky City for breakfast.  Walked down to the waterfront(7 blocks)  and took a ferry to Devenport, an area that was an island but is now joined to Auckland by a causeway.  It is a beautiful area with lots of shops and lovely old buildings.  After shopping for awhile we had lunch at a little cafe. Ray walked up to Mount Victoria, which is a cone of an extinct volcano. During the Second World War they had a gun emplacemnet to protect Auckland against the Japanese.   Walked back to hotel and packed a bit.  After took a walk to Albert Park, uphill all the way.  Great old trees, couldn't find anyone to tell us what they were. Must be over a hundred years, with huge trunks and  roots that were above the ground.  We looked for a monument of Albert but all we could find was one of Queen Victoria. Went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Last night splurge!
Up at 5:30am tomorrow to leave for the airport.

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